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Unlock your Transit radio by entering the question mark serial number below.

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Ford Transit Van

It’s no secret that the radio in your transit van has a built-in anti-theft system as standard.

This isn’t a problem until your van battery dies and the radio starts asking for the “CODE” again.

Luckily, if you have lost your code, we can recover it from the radio serial number.

Unlock Transit Radio

How To Find Your Radio Serial

Your radio serial is 7 digits long and starts with a V OR M followed by 6 digits, for example: V123456.

We need your serial to generate your unlock code, check out the 3 serial retrieval methods below to get your serial.

Method 1

Ford Transit 6000CD Radio

Turn on your radio, when CODE appears on screen, press and hold 1 and 6 together until the cycle process starts.

Your serial code should appear somewhere in the cycle process, it begins with V followed 6 numbers, for example V654321.

Get Radio Code

Method 2

Ford 4500 RDS E-O-N Radio Serial

Switch on your radio and wait for CODE to appear on screen, hold down 2 and 6 together until the screen starts to cycle.

Your serial should appear somewhere in the cycle and starts with V or M followed by 6 numbers, for example M654321.

Calculate Radio Code

Method 3

Ford Radio Label With Serial

Use radio release keys to remove the radio unit from the dashboard, you will then find a label that shows the radio serial code.

To get further help finding the serial code from your radio label, check out serial code label examples.

Generate Radio Code

Still Struggling to Find Your Serial?

Don’t panic, check out the finding your serial page for further guidance.

Find Your Radio Serial


Yes, we currently offer a free 24-hour service where we deliver your unlock code via email.

We support all Ford transit radio models, including 6000CD, 6000CD RDS E-O-N, 4000RDS and more.

If your radio display shows locked, then you input 10 wrong codes.

Try holding down 6 to reset the lock and give yourself a final 3 attempts.

Please be careful on the final 3 attempts, as after this your radio display will show LOCKED13 which means the unit is permanently locked.

Wait can appear if you enter a wrong code, wait up to 60 minutes and you can try entering the code again.

Yes, you can use your code to unlock your radio as many times as you need.