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Unlocking your Honda radio is easy, we just need your radio serial number and that’s it.

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Finding Your Serial

There are 4 methods for finding your Honda radio serial number (instructions below).

Once you have found your radio serial number, enter it in the serial number input box to start the decoding process.

Method 1

Press and hold down 1 & 6 buttons then turn on the radio.

For most Honda radio’s this will show the serial number on the display (and in some cases on 2 separate screens).

Serial examples:

U4444 L4444

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Method 2

Turn off your radio, then hold down the top halves of SEEK/SKIP & CH/DISC – whilst holding press and release the PWR/VOL knob.

Please note: your serial number should appear on screen but may appear on 2 separate screens, e.g., U1234 then L5678.

Serial examples:

U4444 L4444
GNB 15341715

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Method 3

With some models you can find the serial number via the menu screen, to access the menu screen:

Press and hold Map, Menu & Cancel buttons until menu appears, on the menu click “unit check” then “Navi ECU”, your serial number should appear on this screen.

Serial examples:


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Method 4

If all else fails, you can get your radio serial number from the printed label.

To do this, you will need radio release keys to partly remove the unit and find the printed label with serial number.

Sometimes serial numbers are also engraved if the label isn’t readable.

Serial examples:


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How To Enter Your Honda Radio Code

Shown below are instructions on how to enter your radio code, these instructions work for most Honda’s including Civic, Jazz, CRV, Accord and other common models.

Honda CD Radio Model

Entering your code with the CD Radio model is easy, just turn on your radio and enter the code by pressing the numbers, you will then see the word “CODE” appear (letter by letter) as you enter the code. Once your code is entered, the radio will activate!

Most Honda Models

Turn on your radio unit and wait for CODE to appear on screen, use the 1 to 6 buttons to enter your unlock code.

Once unlock code is entered your radio will activate.


No, unlike some other radio codes offered on this website, we do not offer free Honda radio codes at this time.

We generally deliver within the hour via email, however if there is a delay we will get in touch and let you know.

Yes, we guarantee all unlock codes we deliver, all that we ask is if your code does not work, send us a video of it being entered into the radio unit, once we have confirmed this, we will refund your order.

When “Err” appears on your radio screen, it is because of a failed code entry attempt. You can have another go at entering your code by switching the radio off and back on, but be careful because if you enter too many incorrect codes, the unit may become permanently locked and you will need the dealership to fix it.

Yes, we provide support via email, you can make a request for supporting by using the contact page on this website.